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Reliable Partner

After meeting our requirements, we provide work for your fleet 365 days a year.

Our task is to organize work for your vehicles. We operate throughout Europe and Turkey. Whether you’re looking for a permanent partner or occasional support, we are here for you.

Permanent employment for your fleet

CARGO NAVIGATOR ensures regular orders for your vehicles in a "round trip" or sporadic partnership in servicing our clients.

Wide range of cargo

We offer cargo throughout Europe and to/from Turkey.

Secure and fast payment

Fast and secure payment for completed transports is our basic principle. We guarantee the highest financial reliability.

Long-term cooperation

CARGO NAVIGATOR promotes steady and long-lasting cooperation with carefully selected transport partners, which brings mutual benefits - a win-win situation. We support you through our dedicated solutions for our partners (e.g., discounts on liability insurance) and other service offerings.


  • Standard or MEGA curtain-sided trailers
  • Platforms and oversized cargo
  • Vans
  • Refrigerated trailers
  • Bulk trailers


  • Well-trained drivers for international transportation
  • GSM contact with drivers
  • Access to telematics
  • Proper equipment of vehicles with cargo securing means (straps, corner protectors, anti-slip mats, etc.)

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